Our 50 Leading Lights

In a period of uncertainty and rapid change, leaders come under pressure to be strong and do 'what is needed'. Today's political and business climate is just such a time and in response, we are seeing a resurgence of debate over what delivers effective leadership in a fragile environment. Kindness is a concept in the fray of this battle. Kindness builds trust, confidence and loyalty. But it can also be seen as soft; a 'nice to have' but not essential.
Leaders are not the only ones in this debate. As technology and data create transparency and empower consumers, employees, regulators and investors alike, so we all have a say in the style of leadership that we want to see succeed. With this inaugural kindness list, we aim to showcase that kindness is not only a nice to have, but does indeed deliver 'what is needed', with results determined not only by a short-term sprint, but by the long-term marathon.
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